Job Description


TITLE: Director of Continuous Improvement

About You:
You excel at making connections with people, motivating and inspiring them, building buy-in and
engagement, and persuading people to take action to achieve results.

You have a strong sense of urgency and you thoughtfully weigh multiple options before making decisions.

You enjoy being a key part of a strong, positive and closely-knit team that you can lean on for support,
collaboration and share in each other’s success. You also have a great sense of fun.

You have the ability to learn quickly and thoroughly while continually recognizing and adapting to
changing conditions. Consultative, you're a natural teacher and coach who gets great satisfaction in
positively impacting others.

You are thoughtful, disciplined and detail-oriented. When given a task you ensure that the task is
completed in accordance with quality standards.

About Us:
Established in 1874, we have grown to 23 schools serving over 11,000 students with 50+ languages
spoken by our students.

Our organization is centered around our values and beliefs that our students are confident self-advocates
with interpersonal and critical thinking skills who productively and innovatively make a positive impact in
their current and future communities.

We are proud of the family-like culture that permeates our system. Our system boasts award winning
faculty and principals, high achieving students, signature programs and unparalleled parental and
community support.

We take our mission and vision seriously and we are committed to inspiring excellence in every child and
every adult so that our students are prepared to embrace the opportunities of tomorrow. At TD3, you have
an opportunity to change the world and life trajectory of over 11,000 students.

Who We’re Looking For:

Minimum Qualifications:

1. State of Arizona administrative certification. Applicants must have on file in the Human
Resources Department a copy of the appropriate valid certificate or evidence of eligibility to
be appropriately certified by the Arizona Department of Education.
2. A demonstrated history of building a strong, cohesive team that excels in customer service and
3. A strong commitment to service and personal accountability.
4. A minimum of five (5) years of administrative and/or management experience.
5. A minimum of three (3) years of teaching experience.
6. Ability to successfully implement organizational change.
7. The ability to make big ideas and complex concepts simple, easy to understand and compelling.
8. Knowledge and experience in managing grant funded programs and related budgets.
9. Excellent organizational, written, communication and problem-solving/creative thinking skills.
10. Performs other duties/tasks as assigned by the Chief Leadership and Learning Officer (CLO).


(Essential functions, as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include any of the
following tasks, knowledge, skills, and other characteristics. This list is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY, and is not
a comprehensive listing of all duties and responsibilities performed by the incumbents of this class.)

About the Role:

Why the role exists:
The Director of Continuous Improvement assists the Chief Leadership and Learning Officer (CLO) in
leveraging high quality teaching, building leadership and learning in every school and in every classroom
for every student. The director serves as a support for administrators and schools regarding monitoring,
data gathering, training, budget management and improvement planning for state and federally funded
programs and related budgets. The director provides exceptional customer service to site administrators
in related areas of school operation.

We’re looking for someone who is an active collaborator, highly motivated, visionary and innovator leader
for this role. The director works under the direction of CLO to create a seamless PreK-8th grade learning
community. The director assists the CLO in creating a climate of professional collaboration, continuous
improvement and sharing of best practices by establishing structures that foster shared learning,
information and resource exchanges.

This is a rare opportunity for an individual to step in and be a part of transforming an organization's
outcomes and student learning environments.

It also represents a chance for this person to be part of the leadership team of the organization, and enjoy
significant personal and professional growth along the way.

Responsibilities & Deliverables:
The Director of Continuous Improvement will assist the CLO in their effort to evolve the way that learning
experiences are designed to meet the needs of school administrators and future leaders within our
district. This role will be a liaison for the CLO to help them guide continuous improvement efforts of all
schools and work closely with schools identified as Targeted Support Improvement (TSI) Schools to
ensure all students are achieving to their fullest potential.

The role will be responsible for proactively identifying information that has the potential to be impactful
and elevate issues along with resolution options to the CLO in a timely manner. A key component of this
is providing direct support and guidance to principals to improve the academic culture and conditions of
schools to dramatically increase student achievement and teacher practice. The role will also ensure the
provisions of equitable services which include but are not limited to the following:
A. Coordinate the Private School Consultation process including annual notification and eligibility
procedures as well as ongoing consultation requirements.
B. Provides technical assistance and grant support to private schools participating in Title I, II, III, IV,
VI, and IDEA.
C. Coordinate the required Title I instructional services for students at private schools in
collaboration with 3rd party vendors.
D. Review student eligibility and instructional needs to determine services for private schools.
E. Monitors funding sources and amounts available and authorizes expenditures and invoices
consistent with service goals, student eligibility/participation and grant allocations for private
F. Conduct required regular on-site monitoring of services, schedules and protocols for private
schools including ADE participation in site visits.
G. Coordinate required family engagement and professional development opportunities for Title I
participating private schools, students and families. Track participation and outcomes for private
Central to the role will be coordinating and executing the following strategies to ensure that the CLO can
meet or exceed our district’s strategic plan goals while building on our rich traditions and our reputation
with existing, past and future stakeholders.

? Internal and external communications execution:
1. Facilitates discussions on emerging issues and trends enabling collaborations and
partnerships across multiple constituents; engages in dialogue to identify opportunities,
problem solve and find solutions. A demonstrated record of building strong, collaborative
relationships across organizational lines.
2. Facilitates the effective implementation, evaluation, compliance and fiscal management
of federal projects. Coordinates, monitors, and modifies the implementation of federal,
state, and private programs and grants. Provide leadership in articulating the District’s
federal project programs and coordinating the delivery of services for students in all
school settings.
3. Identifies and meets key partners to obtain input and to help influence decision-making
and change in the organization. Builds strong relationships across the schools and
departments and develops trusted and transparent relationships to understand the core
school leadership needs and drivers to create and implement solutions proactively and
4. Provide demographic, enrollment, free lunch and other data needed for grant funded
5. Completes performance evaluations of principals as requested by the CLO.
6. Supports parents, students, families and community members in resolving conflicts.
7. Focuses on using multiple sources of data to assist principals in determining strategies to
support student success; identifies professional development needs based on data
indicating school needs.
8. Provide required support to the participating in-district private schools to plan and
develop Title II and Title IV grant applications, budgets, and revisions.
9. Manage daily communication and required monthly meetings with private school
10. Coordinate the annual Carryover Request process for private school services including
required attempts to determine requests from schools, documentation of funds available,
evidence of services/attempts provided, documentation of LEA’s support and
communication, and submission of Carryover Request packets.

? Strategic Planning and Project Management
1. Provide assistance to principals and teachers in the areas of grant funded programs goal
setting, budget monitoring, use of resources, data analysis, and academic improvement
2. Apply research and best practices to inform theories of pedagogy and ensure consistent
delivery of high-quality instructional leadership aligned to the Professional Standards for
Educational Leaders (PSEL).
3. Provide direct support and guidance to principals to improve the academic culture and
conditions of schools to dramatically increase student achievement and teacher practice.
4. Build capacity among school leaders and their leadership teams to develop effective
school plans focused on high impact strategies including teacher development,
personalized learning, and collaborative data driven learning communities.
5. Monitor school progress (including fidelity in implementation, results, and projected
budgets) to promote heightened accountability for TSI schools; determine implementation
milestones and academic benchmarks, creating clear performance indicators for Student
Success Enterprise, as well as external partners.
6. Assists principal and school leadership teams to expand their repertoire of instructional
strategies to ensure a deeper understanding/learning.
7. Assist with compliance issues, amendments and training regarding grant funded
programs law and procedures.
8. Supports and assists planning professional development and helps school leaders
address academic and other challenges to support student success.
9. Complete required program evaluation of intervention services for each participating
private school. Coordinate the required annual ADE monitoring of Equitable Services
including program and fiscal review. 10. Monitor, inspect, and track inventory of non-consumable supplies purchased through
grants and provided to private schools.

DEPARTMENT: Student Success Enterprise

SALARY: $90,761 - $108,468

WORK YEAR: 12 months

REPORTS TO: Chief Leadership and Learning Officer

EVALUATION: Administrative Evaluation

Grant Writer
Grant Coordinator
Account Specialists

REVISED: April 2023

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